VIDEO TED 2012: Collapse of Growth. The most important talk of the 21st century

This talk marks the moment an innovation paradigm crossed the chasm to become an early adapter paradigm.

Climate change did it 40 years ago… over the next 3-5 years End of Growth will become bigger than Climate Change paradigm.

Background: In 1970 Emeritus Professor Dr. Dennis L. Meadows with the aid of MIT super computers predicted the End of Growth in 1972 to happen around 2030-2050.

This research was backed and funded by a very prestigious think tank The Club of Rome — There policy and actions seem to be centered all around this End of Growth modeling. ¬†Meadows book “Limits to Growth” has sold over 40m copies and translated into over 20 languages…

Yet for 40 Years politicians and corporate leaders have been passing the buck and ignoring the research. Paul Gilding makes a compelling case for change.



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