Solar-Marine Power Generators

These Marine Solar Cells by Phil Pauley are Revolutionary Innovation

An entirely new marine design by Industrial Designer Phil Pauley, the Marine Solar Cells (MSC) are the world’s answer to large-scale renewable energy sources. Using a combination of solar panels and wave power generation, this off-shore photovoltaic power generator can produce clean, sustainable power for all.

The MSC units can be positioned off shore at any location and will capture energy through the natural buoyancy of the waves, as well as through highly efficient photovoltaic cells. In addition, being positioned on the ocean increases the cell’s efficiency by 20% as the sea will reflect the sun light onto the side surfaces of the dome shape power generators.

This battery of MSC modules could include hundreds of units, all generating power at a consistent, sustained rate which could even lead to a new worldwide solar-marine industry creating thousands of new jobs globally.

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