Anti-Surveillance Device Foils Spy Gadgets, Protects Privacy

via PSFK
via PSFK
One man’s crusade against high-tech voyeurism may enlist the masses with an affordable, effective device

New Zealand-born, Berlin-based super-hacker Julian Oliver wants to protect your privacy online and in real life — with (cyber) force, if necessary. To this end, the creator of the Transparency Grenade and the No Network tank-shaped network jammer has spent his summer making devices to keep your digital and physical environments voyeur-free.

The recently unveiled Cyborg Unplug is an anti wireless-surveillance system for the home and workplace, and detects and forestalls nearby devices known to pose a risk to personal privacy. These devices include, Oliver’swebsite explains, “wearable ‘spy’ cameras and microphones, Google Glass and Dropcam, small drones/copters and a variety of popular spy devices disguised as familiar objects.”

“Basically it’s a wireless defense shield for your home or place of work,” Oliver told WIRED. “The intent is to counter a growing and tangibly troubling emergence of wirelessly capable devices that are used and abused for surveillance and voyeurism.”

Though Google Glass, for example, is a relatively new device, negative reactions and general push-back to it — including a highly publicized and recorded incident between a Google employee and San Francisco bar patrons — have already resulted in Google Glass being banned from various establishments, and have given rise to products like Cyborg unplug, as well as the nickname “Glassholes” for device wearers.

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The Latest on: Anti-surveillance device

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