Cheaper, faster, stretchy, bendy, flexible LEDs can be fabricated with an inkjet printer
Junyi Zhao, a PhD candidate in the lab of Chuan Wang, used flexible PeLEDs to
New LEDs are ‘tuneable’ to different wavelengths of light and can detect off food and lethal gases
Bright idea: new LEDs can detect off food and lethal gases New LEDs are ‘tuneable’
A new electrode could free up 20% more light from organic light-emitting diodes
An ultrathin Ag film based OLED inside Professor Jay Guo’s lab at 3537 G.G. Brown
A “quantum leap” creates a new perovskite LED that could take displays to the next level
PHOTO CREDIT: Adapted from: Kim, Y.H. et. al., Science (2021) A “quantum leap” creates a
New LED designs could help them produce more light for the same energy and last longer
Illustration of the nanoparticle layer within the LED casing New LED designs could help them
Deep ultraviolet LED-based optical wireless technology could transform Li-Fi and more
via Tohoku University Deep ultraviolet LED-based optical wireless technology could transform Li-Fi and more Researchers
Could cooling computers be a simple as running an LED with the electrodes reversed?

In a finding that runs counter to a common assumption in physics, researchers at the

Using data mining and computational tools to discover a new inexpensive phosphor material for white LEDs that is easy to make

A team led by engineers at the University of California San Diego has used data

Improving solar cells and LEDs with glass that can switch opacity

Nanoscale “grass” structures also enable smart glass that switches from hazy to clear in presence

Discovery increases LED efficiency by 50% and could even lead to invisibility cloaking devices

In an advance that could boost the efficiency of LED lighting by 50 percent and

LED arrays that can both emit and detect light could enable new interactive functions and multitasking devices

Cellphones and other devices could soon be controlled with touchless gestures and charge themselves using

Better materials promise LED’s at a fraction of the cost

For the reactors used in the manufacture of LED’s there are more promising materials than

Researchers Create Cheaper, High Performing LED

A team of Florida State University materials researchers has developed a new type of light-emitting

Crystal clear: Thousand-fold fluorescence enhancement in an all-polymer thin film

Griffith University researchers report breakthrough due to novel and multi-layer Colloidal Photonic Crystal structure Griffith

A New Design for an Easily Fabricated, Flexible and Wearable White-Light LED

By Taking Advantage of Novel Design Patterns, Researchers in Taiwan have Developed a Highly Flexible