Your Wrist is Now a Master Translator

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Google Translate has arrived for people with Android smart watches.

Using the voice-to-text command, a wearer can say in their language what they’d like to communicate, choose another language, and hear their request as translated into that tongue, this from two paired languages of the user’s choosing. Digital readout on the wrist will provide the same words in written form to help with the exchange.

This application works quickly, translating a chosen phrase from one language to another in seconds—provided there’s a good signal. It will still suffer the same problems of near-automated translation, but can certainly help bridge the gap of simple questions, asking for directions to the restroom, and getting help in an emergency.

The app is designed to work both ways. The person wearing the Android device turns the watch between themselves and the one they’re speaking to. The app automatically switches between languages, moving back-and-forth between speakers.

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The Latest on: Google Translate

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The Latest on: Google Translate

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