Voxel8 Offers Breakthrough in 3D Electronics Printing

Voxel8 3D Electronic Printer
Voxel8 3D Electronic Printer

We can already 3D print math aids, prosthetic jaws, fashion shoes and chairs…but when will we be able to print integrated electronics? According to the creators of Voxel8, late this year.

Voxel8 is the first 3D printer that allows makers to co-matrix (print together in the same batch) thermoplastics and conductive materials.

Printing basic electronics has been a reality for over a year, but the Voxel8 offers two improvements that position it as the 3D electronics printer that changed the game.

Voxel8 “Silver Ink” is 5,000 times as conductive as the next best printable conductor, conductive paste. It’s 20,000 times as conductive as 3D conductive filament. Beyond that, where previous 3D printing of electronics required multiple stages, each for different materials, the Voxel8 allows whole-cloth printing of an entire device ready to work as soon as you add a power source.

In theory, you could print any electronic device that fits inside the printer bed, and doesn’t require specialized materials. Voxel8 has made a bit of a show of flying their fully-printed quadcopters when demoing the device.

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The Latest on: 3D Electronics Printing

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The Latest on: 3D Electronics Printing

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