University of Houston (UH)

The University of Houston (UH) is a state research university and the flagship institution of the University of Houston System.

A superconducting highway that could transport vehicles and electricity

Possible game changer: Looks like there is a vaccine for the fentanyl epidemic

Generating solar power 24/7 with a new solar harvesting system

‘Soleus Pushup’ fuels metabolism for hours while sitting

A sprayable ice-shedding material that is 100 times stronger than any others

Researchers repair and regenerate heart muscle cells as a potential powerful clinical strategy

Reducing blood pressure consistently using deep nerve stimulation

Safe, low-cost, energy-dense, and long-lifetime solid-state sodium batteries

Here’s another thing to do with that mountain of used plastic: make it soak up excess carbon dioxide

Breakthrough for muscle regeneration

COVID-19 Nasal Vaccine Candidate Effective at Preventing Disease Transmission

A critical next step toward room-temperature superconductivity at ambient pressure

Hydrogen production at room temperature from seawater moves closer to commercialization with a new catalyst

A magnesium battery operating at room temperature and delivering a power density comparable to lithium-ion batteries

Monitoring and treating heart disease with a new flexible implanted device

Cobalt-doped titanium-dioxide can stop listeria in its tracks

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