University of Bath

The University of Bath is a campus university located in Bath, United Kingdom.

Using seaweed to create a new material that can effectively store heat for reuse

Building and repairing structures with 3D printed flying drones

Are plant-based meats any healthier and more sustainable than animal products?

Making plastic more degradable under UV light

Cutting waste and energy usage significantly in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

Enhancing cold plasma ionised gas with peracetic acid eradicates bacteria in diabetic wounds and substantially reduces SARS-CoV-2 viral loads

An end to slavery and child labor in the chocolate industry via a new cocoa bean DNA test?

The potential for revolutionising water disinfection technologies around the world

The lightest aerosol sound insulation ever manufactured

Could drones be used to help make it rain?

Using sound to shape the future of printing has far reaching implications

Surveying endangered wildlife from space

Using wood to make sustainable plastics

A way to generate electricity from nylon using gentle body movement

Sustainable water purification via soil-powered fuel cells

Using ant pheromones to catch crop pests could reduce pesticide use

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