RYNO self-balancing electric one-wheeler – just don’t call it a scooter

If nothing else, that feature will definitely get riders noticed

When it comes to self-balancing personal transportation devices, it looks like the Solowheel, Honda U3-X, Uno and Segway could all be in for a little competition. Portland, Oregon-based RYNO Motors is currently in the process of launching its own entry in the weird-little-electric-vehicles race, which it appropriately calls the RYNO. Like Bombardier’s EMBRIO concept, it has just one wheel. If nothing else, that feature will definitely get riders noticed.

Unlike some of its potential competitors (particularly the Uno), the RYNO is not intended to take the place of a motorcycle. With a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) and a range of up to 30 miles (48 km), it’s intended more for short-distance, low-speed jaunts, possibly even being ridden amongst pedestrians. Its designers don’t even consider it to be in the same market category as scooters, as they claim that its smaller size, better maneuverability in tight quarters, and projected lower price make it a sufficiently different type of vehicle.

The RYNO has a lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack, that is said to recharge in just an hour and a half. The vehicle weighs 125 pounds (57 kg) – although the average rider likely couldn’t carry it very far, they could at least wheel it into an elevator then store it in their apartment at night.

Its turning radius ranges from zero to three feet (0.9 meters), and it can manage inclines up to 30 percent. Should over-zealous riders try to push the bike too far, such as by attempting to exceed its speed or tilt limits, its Auto Balance System will first of all provide warnings to the user, and then temporarily take control of the machine.

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