Research unveils Viagra’s potential in treating skin cancer

A clinical breakthrough might be on the cards as a German study has suggested that the impotence drug may be the most effective skin cancer treatment, reports Forbes.

A clinical breakthrough might be on the cards

According to the US publishing house, earlier studies established the effectiveness of Viagra sildenafil in skin cancer treatment. The new study, spearheaded by Dr. Viktor Umansky of the University Medical Center Mannheim, confirms that the erectile dysfunction medicine can help keep the number of T cells intact to negate the inflammatory reaction of malignant cells.

The 7-week study involved two groups of carcinogenic mice one of which was given Viagra while the other was left untreated, Forbes notes. At the end of the study period it was found that the T cell count in the treated sample restored to a normal level, which implied that they were not being subdued by the malignant cells.

The way T cells respond to the inflammatory reaction of skin cancer is an important factor as far as treatment is concerned, Forbes says, adding that the findings from the study have a positive bearing on the future of malignant melanoma treatment.

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