Just how good will autonomous cars get?

It’s the kind of spectacular driving stunt we expect of James Bond or Frank Martin (Jason Statham in the Transporter film series). Slam the car in reverse, plant the gas pedal against the metal in a screech of tires, wait for momentum to pick up then flick the wheel to perform a faultless backwards 180 degree pirouette that slides a US$100,000 Aston Martin/Audi into an impossibly tight parking space. Only celluloid superheroes can drive like this and get it right every time… oh, and autonomous vehicles.

Faultless driving stunts are not normally associated with computers and autonomous vehicles but check out this video because it’ll help get everyone accustomed to the concept! Computers will eventually out-drive, out-think and out-perform humans on every level and this clip of autonomous supervehicle Stanley shows that out-driving us all will be sooner rather than later.

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