inMotion Air universal wireless speaker system incoming

inMotion Air universal wireless speakers

Altec Lansing has come to the rescue of music lovers who like the idea of streaming music wirelessly around the home, but can’t afford to invest in systems from Olive or Sonos, or who don’t want to be shackled to Apple Air or iOS devices.

The inMotion Air universal wireless speaker can pump out any audio stored on a computer up to 333 feet away via an included adapter, while mobile devices can also supply the music via Bluetooth. Audio enhancement technology offers CD-quality performance, regardless of source compression encoding.

Whatever the source of your computer-based audio – Windows Media Center, iTunes, internet radio and so on – plugging in the supplied USB adapter will allow you to stream your sounds to an inMotion Air speaker over a football field’s length away, or 333 feet (100 meters) to be precise. Each adapter can support up to two units (for basic multi-room configurations) and a full-featured remote can control the main functions in iTunes, Windows Media Player, and most other music players.

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