Egyptian Student Finds New Way to Solar Energy

He’s a young man from Egypt who refused to give in to hard conditions that threatened his passion for science.

Though the unprofessional educational system forced him to study something he doesn’t like, yet he succeeded in swimming against the stream and came up with an idea of a new remarkable invention that could benefit humanity.

Mohamed Gooda, 24, was born in El Faiyoum, in north central Egypt. Although he studies commerce, the love he has for science always drives him to read science books, and this has directed him to come up with a new concept in the field of solar energy and solar panels, which he’s currently trying to make it real in the hands of ordinary individuals.

What are the concepts and the idea of your invention?

The idea of my invention is based upon the concept of “Stimulated Emission of Electrons”, a theoretical physics expression which first appeared in 1999 in a research that was conducted by three scientists and got published in the “Brazilian Journal of Physics”. The expression is concerned with a kind of solid matters which are able to stimulate the Secondary Electrons in a range between zero and 50 volts.

Afterwards, the expression appeared once again in 2006 in a research published on a website,, and was focused on sodium electrons and stimulating them.

Some researchers who interpreted my idea mistakenly thought that I use laser instead of sunlight and solar radiation as a source of energy for the solar cells, but this is not the concept of my new laser solar cells. This new solar cell uses the similar mechanism of how laser works through stimulated emission of electrons, yet, it’s based upon electrons and not photons like in laser. This takes place through special organising of the properties of the cesium sola cell.

What’s the difference between your new laser solar cells and the old photovoltaic solar panels?

Cesium solar cells and other photovoltaic panels are manufactured to work, but with dependence on the photoelectric effect. This simply means that there are some chemical elements which have “easy-going” electrons at their outer electron shells that get stimulated and freed easily at little amount of energy. Meaning that such cells directly converts the luminous energy to electric energy.

An important aspect of solar cells is the energy conversion efficiency which indicates the powerfulness of the solar cell. So far, all the previous types of solar panels don’t exceed the production of just 40% of the input solar energy gathered by them.

On the contrary, according to my theoretical research’s calculations and equations, the energy conversion efficiency of my laser solar cell reaches 70%. Furthermore, its cost doesn’t exceed the ones of the old photovoltaic panels except for around 10% that represents the increase of energy produced by the new cell. Moreover, about 90% of the currently used solar panels are made of silicon which is a very expensive element. Instead of that, I manage to use organic photoelectric cells which are cheaper.

Additionally, next August God Willing, I’ll start trying to advance my new laser solar cells to make them able to absorb and benefit from additional five types of spectrum, beside the already used visible light. This is actually a revolutionary idea which is still being experimented in some physics labs which aim to make use of 3 types of spectra beside the visible light of sunlight.

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