sickle cell disease

A real cure for sickle cell disease?
via A real cure for sickle cell disease? A study of an investigational gene
Curing sickle cell disease with CRISPR technology
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Looks like gene therapy can reverse sickle cell anemia

Treatment Uses Reduced-Intensity Preconditioning to Enhance Its Global Transportability After over a decade of preclinical

A sickle cell cure gets closer

Scientists have successfully used gene editing to repair 20 to 40 percent of stem and

Gene editing can repair 20 to 40 percent of stem and progenitor cells in sickle cell disease

Bioengineer Gang Bao uses gene editing to repair up to 40 percent of bone marrow

Genome engineering paves way for sickle cell cure

A team of physicians and laboratory scientists has taken a key step toward a cure

Multiple Myeloma Drug Could Revolutionize Treatment for Sickle Cell Disease

An established drug for recurrent multiple myeloma might effectively be repurposed to improve the survival

UI Health validates cure for sickle cell in adults

Physicians at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System have cured 12 adult patients