University of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin–Madison (also known as University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin, or regionally as UW–Madison, or Madison) is a public research university located in Madison, Wisconsin, United States.

Killing fungus without toxicity

Breakthrough in Catalysis Research Could Lead to Massive Energy Savings

Nanoparticles can cross the blood-brain barrier with a range of biological medications and treatments to deliver brain-wide therapy

Tough-to-treat brain tumors may have a new injectable gel treatment

A new acoustic fabric converts audible sounds into electrical signals

A lightweight nanofiber material is better than bulletproof

Is corn ethanol a fuel that may be worse for the climate than the gasoline it replaces?

Muscle-powered electromechanical therapies turn muscle movements into potentially game-changing therapeutic approaches

Fast synthetic biology circuits

A new generation of computing devices called magnetoelectrics could be much faster and use less electricity

A synapse-like phototransistor could eventually help computers process visual information more like the human brain

Heating and cooling all from one system with no electricity needed

A satellite based alert system to help reduce deforestation and mitigate climate change

100 million tons (annual) of multilayer thermoplastics waste could meet their match with a new solvent-based recycling process

A wrist-mounted device that continuously tracks the entire human hand in 3D

Solar storage gets a boost by merging solar cell and liquid battery technology

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