United States Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is the U.S. Army’s corporate research laboratory.

Progress toward groups of robots that could build almost anything, including buildings, vehicles, and even bigger robots

A new acoustic fabric converts audible sounds into electrical signals

A leap-ahead technology for generating terahertz radiation

New cybersecurity technique should offer more security for vehicle computer systems

Could a new chemistry approach remove micropollutants from the environment?

New approach for transferring quantum states moves future quantum networks closer

The zinc-air battery charges forward towards an energy storage technology of the future

Training that will permit autonomous robot agents to reason and adapt to changing battlefield conditions

Robotic systems packed with muscle tissue can produce never-seen-before agility and versatility

Transforming robots made of robots

Could autonomous machines build trust by using emotion?

A new material can autonomously heal in air and underwater

Robot detects physical situational changes in 3D and shares that information with a human in real-time through augmented reality

Teaching robots how to outperform and outdrive humans?

The learning capabilities of drone swarms take a coordinated leap forward

A new way to protect and safeguard quantum information

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