Promoting That CSR Project: The Rights, Wrongs, and Pitfalls

Does trumpeting your own good deeds negate them?

It seems like every company in the world is doing something to give back and is eager to tell you about it. But are they too eager? Does trumpeting your own good deeds negate them?

So: a couple of weeks ago, we get a call from a PR firm. Would you be interested in speaking to Mr. CEO (there’s no point naming him, but he’s real) about this fantastic, world-changing corporate social responsibility initiative? OK, we said.

The call comes, and it turns out to be, well, less than we hoped. The CEO comes across as self-serving, and ever so slightly smarmy (for our tastes). And the initiative seems a bit weak, if we’re being honest, despite the miles of press it’s already received.

Never mind. But it got us thinking: Is it wrong to promote a CSR project? Should companies just get on with it, quietly without taking credit? Can marketing how good you are backfire? What are the best ways to do it?

Below are responses from three experts: an academic, a consultant, and a PR executive.

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