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An innovative new patented product designed to greatly simplify the task of loading and unloading equipment from a truck without modifying the vehicle, the Portable Ramp and Tool Container, has been developed by Larry Vern Garbes of Waterloo, Iowa.

Through its unique and patented design, the Portable Ramp and Tool Container is capable of making the transport of a variety of personal use vehicles virtually effortless and thoroughly safe.

The Portable Ramp and Tool Container is custom fit to any truck and is installable with minimal demands of time and effort from its users. Its proprietary design will allow it to perform its intended function without taking away from the truck bed’s space capacity. It will slide out with little effort once installed, and its strength and durability will allow it to hold vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts, snowmobiles, riding lawn mowers, electric wheelchairs and personal electric scooters.

The Portable Ramp and Tool Container’s ramps are telescopic and fabricated from 3/16 inch thick, electrostatic power coated angle iron that is rust proof. At a size of 6 feet, each ramp can withstand up to 800 pounds, and 600 pounds at 8 ½ feet. The ramps can be extended to ground level or be used in elevated fashion and can be placed wide enough apart so as to accommodate vehicles with larger tires. There are multiple options for installing the product, with the preferred method being to secure it inside the truck bed’s tie-down brackets using the turnbuckles to attach it.

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