Minox shows off 3D camera concept with four lenses

Minox 3D Camera

German optics innovator Minox has been around for a number of years and is generally known for itsĀ miniature cameras and binoculars.

Its booth at this year’sPhotokina was positively buzzing with enthusiasts trying to catch a glimpse of its entry into the world of 3D photography, the PX3D compact camera. Just a concept piece at the moment, the eye-catching camera sports four vertical lenses and promises glasses-free, three dimensional image enjoyment.

Not only has Minox doubled up on the usual number of lenses found on a 3D photo camera but the company has also positioned them one on top of the other. Each of the camera’s 9mm focal length, 5 megapixel lens modules is said to have a slightly different perspective and, as you might expect, all of the lenses fire at the same time. Due to the precise nature of the lens alignment, there’s no zoom capability and no video on offer either.

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