GreenVolts Is All-In-One Solar Power Plant

GreenVolts says that their power plants achieve improved system performance

Most photovoltaic (PV) systems consist of modules, inverters, racking, wiring and other components – all sourced from different vendors. Even with the best design and engineering, this process is inherently inefficient. But Fremont, Calif.-based GreenVolts has broken ranks. The company has announced that it is offering the industry’s first “complete and fully integrated solar system,” including modules, trackers, inverters, energy management software, networking, AC and DC disconnects and all DC wiring. If it were possible to fit an entire solar power plant in a box and paint it a lovely shade of green, it might look like this.

GreenVolts’ concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) modules are one of the technologies featured at Arizona Western College‘s Yuma, Ariz., campus. Since taking part in that project, the company has taken some time off to revamp and streamline its product line. By maintaining full control of the design, engineering and installation process, GreenVolts says that their power plants achieve improved system performance at costs lower than traditional PV systems, and produce 30-40 percent more energy. The new turn-key system includes  Internet-based energy management software, which allows for real-time monitoring of site conditions and energy production, fault isolation and diagnostics, operation and maintenance logs, remote access and control of the entire system and hundreds of alerts and alarms. Because the monitoring software is integrated and designed specifically for the system, the company says it has more sophisticated capabilities than third-party software products.

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