Going where the four winds blow with the mobile wind turbine

Mobile Wind Turbine

Despite numerous refinements and improvements to the technology used to harness the power of the wind, windmills of old share an obvious characteristic with their gigantic modern counterparts.

They’re static. A network of designers coming together under the banner of Pope Designs has come up with a mobile wind turbine concept that could just change all that. Able to generate and store enough power to meet its own needs, the turbine could also be erected anywhere the wind blows to provide a source of clean energy to those who need it.

The designers don’t mention exactly how much power generation is possible from the concept and given that it stands a good deal shorter than many of its static cousins that have now become such a familiar sight, ratings in megawatts are doubtful. However, the ability to temporarily locate wind turbines wherever the need may arise presents an attractive prospect.

The idea of the mobile wind turbine concept is to place a three blade turbine on the back of a huge, six-wheeled truck. Once driven to a windy spot close to the site which requires an injection of clean power, the first order of business would be to make the support structure stable. A couple of stabilizer supports on each side of the vehicle expand outwards, each driving hydraulic spikes into the ground at a 26 degree tilt towards the structure and to a depth of 18-inches (45.72cm).

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