eBay Envisions a Future of Commerce-Driven Devices that Track Your Needs

via PSFK
via PSFK
eBay spotted the importance of mobile devices very early on, but now they have turned their attention towards wearables.

The company’s Innovation and New Ventures group wants to try and develop a personal shopping assistant that makes the barrier between spotting an item you like, and buying it, almost invisible.

The company started building apps for a potential smartwatch last year, which finally debuted a few weeks ago, as both an app for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and an app for the Pebble smartwatch.Steve Yankovich, head of the innovation group, says its about more than just apps.

His vision is for a concept called Zero Effort Commerce (ZEC), which would rely on personalization, historical behavior and the various sensors found in wearable technology to anticipate someone’s shopping needs, and if the data is accurate enough, maybe even act on their behalf. Yankovich compared the idea with a personal assistant when he spoke to TechCrunch about what eBay has in store for the future.

”I have a friend who has a personal assistant who keeps track of his needs. His personal assistant replaces ceiling fan light bulbs, replaces shirts that she noted show wear, constantly fills the fridge, changes the wiper blades in cars, and on and on. In this person’s world everything he needs and wants automatically happens. We can work towards building a virtual personal assistant that uses personalization, historical behavior and the coming sensors of the connected home and life around us to do much the same thing but for all of us.”

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The Latest on: Personal shopping assistant

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