Collapsible solar pavilion charges Volvo V60, fits in its trunk

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In the future, electric cars and plug-in hybrids may be able to carry their own solar charging station with them, folded up and ready to deploy, right from the car’s trunk.

The first of its kind is expected to be displayed in Rome later this year, as part of the launch of Volvo’s V60 Hybrid Electric Diesel model.

The Pure Tension Pavilion, picked as the winner of the 2013 Switch to Pure Volvo Pavilion Design competition, is an attempt to re-envision the standard pavilion used for trade shows, providing not only shelter and a beautiful design, but a power source as well.

The Pavilion is a tensioned membrane structure using an HDPE mesh skin, a carbon fiber skeleton, and integrating embedded photovoltaic panels, that can fully collapse and fit inside the trunk of the V60 when not in use.

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