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The first steps towards growing fully transplantable human organs in a pig host
University of Maryland Department of Animal and Avian Sciences The first steps towards growing fully
This is how stem cells repair damage from heart attacks
via Mayo Clinic This is how stem cells repair damage from heart attacks Mayo Clinic
Revolutionizing injury recovery by using tendon stem cells

The buildup of scar tissue makes recovery from torn rotator cuffs, jumper’s knee, and other

Rejuvenating stem cells in the aging brain of mice improve the regeneration of injured or diseased areas in the brain

Scientists from the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) of the University of Luxembourg and

The promise of stem cell technologies for treating Parkinson’s

Despite challenges, new advances in stem cell biology and genetic engineering show potential for better

New stem cell work raises hopes for regenerative therapies that could heal currently intractable lung diseases

Stanford scientists have found a cell that creates the two different compartments in the mouse

Personalised stem cell treatment may offer relief for progressive MS

Scientists have shown in mice that skin cells re-programmed into brain stem cells, transplanted into

Cells that enable the sense of touch created from stem cells for the first time

Researchers are the first to create sensory interneurons from stem cells Researchers at the Eli and

Mesenchymal stem cell therapy looks promising to treat frailty in older adults

Buoyed by promising results of a Phase I study demonstrating the safety of mesenchymal stem

Electric fields can be used to guide neural stem cells transplanted into a rat brain to repair brain damage

Electric fields can be used to guide neural stem cells transplanted into the brain toward a

Edited stem cells fight inflammation caused by arthritis and other chronic conditions

Goal is vaccine that targets inflammation in joints Using new gene-editing technology, researchers have rewired

Synthetic version of a cardiac stem cell could reduce stem cell therapy risks

Researchers from North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and

First human trial for a “living bandage” made from stem cells for meniscal tears

A ‘living bandage’ made from stem cells, which could revolutionise the treatment and prognosis of

MS breakthrough: Replacing diseased immune system halts progression and allows repair

Clinical trial suggests chemo and blood stem cell combination therapy should be considered for people