World Supersonic jet to fly London to Sydney journey in four hours

3D model of the Sukhoi Gulfstream S-21 superso...

Could be available by 2030

LONDON to Sydney in just four hours – that’s the aim of US aeronautical engineers as they race to develop a ‘Son of Concorde‘ prototype.

Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Gulfstream – with the help of NASA – are working towards the first supersonic commercial passenger airliner, aimed initially at the business jet market.

“The fact that the big boys are all close confirms industry rumours that a new generation of supersonic planes is now, finally, within reach,” a Gulfstream engineer told the Sunday Times.

All three companies claim they are close to overcoming what was Concorde’s biggest obstacle – the ‘sonic boom’ which rolls in the jet’s wake.

The aircraft will create a sound described by the engineer as “closer to a puff or plop”.

The design will be sketched out at next month’s Farnborough air show in London along with other supersonic prototypes, say show executives.

“Lighter composite materials, more advanced engines and smaller fuselages could enable new jets to travel about twice as fast as Concorde, which flew at up to 2187 km/h” says The Sunday Times.

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