University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is a research university located in Bristol, United Kingdom.

A software capable of detecting intricate details of emotions that remain hidden to the human eye

An innovative bimanual robot displays tactile sensitivity close to human-level dexterity using AI

Ticks can be attracted across air gaps several times larger than themselves by the static electricity

Fighting off melanoma by reprogramming immune cells

Sustainable energy storage using a seaweed based sodium battery

Using an AI mobile phone app to accurately detect COVID-19 infection in people’s voices

Sound absorbing wallpaper?

Could smart socks help millions living with dementia?

Insect-sized flying robots powered by a direct-drive artificial muscle system

Scientists astounded by performance of sustainable batteries with far-reaching implications for e-vehicles and devices

Paving the way for significant advances in the treatment of a broad spectrum of brain disorders and memory enhancement

New study shows that benefits outweigh risks for autonomous vehicles if they are well regulated

A new energy saving technique could help pave way for a carbon neutral society

Using sound to shape the future of printing has far reaching implications

Soft robotic clothing takes a step forward with wearable artificial muscles

Quantum progress: Bringing practical hybrid quantum-classical computing one step closer

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