Millennials Want Companies That Work On Innovative Ways To Fix The World

Innovation (Photo credit: masondan)
Innovation (Photo credit: masondan)
The majority of millennials think they’re innovative people. They want to work at–and give their money to–innovative companies that are good for society.

In spite of all the economic, societal, and environmental obstacles thrown their way, millennials the world over still believe that things can change–and that business in particular can push the world into a better place.

Deloitte’s 2013 Global Millennial Survey asked millennials who were born after January 1982 about how business can innovate and impact society. These are some of the highlights of their answers.

Some 65% of respondents, who were located in 16 markets across the world, believe that their company conducts activities that benefit society (wishful thinking?). In Brazil, 83% of respondents feel this way; just 46% of respondents in South Korea agree with the statement, however. Across the world, millennials have faith in the power of business innovation–71% of respondents said that they think business innovations directly improve society. In China, where economic development is on a serious upward swing, 86% of millennials agreed with the statement.

When it comes to societal challenges, however, millennials don’t all agree. In the next 20 years, Brazilians believe resource scarcity will be the biggest issue, while millennials in countries including the U.S. and India are most concerned about inflation, and respondents in South Africa and many Western European countries are worried about unemployment. Overall, 24% of millennials think that the business world should be paying the most attention to environmental issues, while 23% think that it should focus on inequality.

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The Latest on: Innovative Ways To Fix The World

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The Latest on: Innovative Ways To Fix The World

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