Computer ‘Trained’ to Classify Pictures and Videos Based on Elements

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University of Granada researchers have developed a new computer technique that allows to “train” computers to interpret the visual contents of a video or picture. This advance will allow to classify automatically pictures basing on whether individuals or specific objects are present in such images. Videos can also be classified according to specific poses.

At present, computer search and classification of images is made basing on the name of the file, folder or on features as date or size, but the visual information contained was never used for classification purposes.This study conducted by the University of Granada will allow to employ this parameter in the short term for classifying videos according to actions performed by individuals.

The research conducted by Manuel Jesús Marín Jiménez, who is currently working at the University of Córdoba, and coordinated by Professor Nicolás Pérez de la Blanca Capilla, Department of Computering and Artificial Intelligence, University of Granada.

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