Breast cancer breakthrough is a tribute to our scientists

TALKING of heroes, Victorian scientists have done it again with another major breakthrough in the treatment of breast cancer.

As the¬†Sunday Herald Sun¬†reports on page 7 today, a team from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre has announced it is working on a type of vaccine that “mops” up breast cancer cells left after radiation treatment.

The “triple-attack” approach not only destroys a breast tumour, but sets up the immune system to fight against cancer cells, reducing the threat of cancer coming back.

Dr Nicole Haynes, who co-wrote the research, says this type of vaccine may even protect from future cancers.

That’s a big fear for cancer patients, as Nola Chapman tells us today.

She said it was something that was always in the back of her mind. Ms Chapman has been battling breast cancer for nine years so we can only imagine the relief a breakthrough like this would mean to her and women worldwide.

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via Herald Sun

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