Breakthrough: Pill to check Alzheimer’s coming in 4 years

In a breakthrough, scientists claim to have developed a new twice-daily wonderpill which can halt and even reverse Alzheimer’s disease by 90%.

The drug is the first to target the toxic “tangles” of a protein known as Tau in the brain that destroys nerve cells and causes the memory to deteriorate.

It helps prevent the formation of new tangles and loosen those already created. The Phase 2 trial in 2008 showed the drug, then called Rember, worked well at low and moderate doses, the ‘Daily Express’ reported. However now, a second-generation version, called LMTX, will be tested at higher doses.

It is hoped it will reverse the early stages of the disease, scientists said. Hailed as the “biggest breakthrough against the disease for 100 years”, the drug is set to go through a series of trials and could be available within four years, they said.

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via The Times of India –

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