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Mission: Help to connect needed ideas with the people, projects and resources needed to bring about useful practical outcomes
InnovationToronto.com is a different idea exploration destination

From: Humanz

For 16 years, Innovation Toronto has posted daily selections from the multitude of important research and development announcements published by universities, research institutes and science | technology media from around the world.

Innovation Toronto publishes stories and announcements that, in our opinion, have the potential to change our lives – or, to indicate different approaches or ways of thinking. While focusing as much as possible on opportunities, we do not shy away from the challenges and potential threats from rapid change.  Overall, after 15+ years of observation, we are cautiously optimistic.

The selections are intended to expand awareness and interest in new ideas and approaches while providing an overview of global innovation and discovery.  The big hope is that it will help get everyone more interested in science and how research and discoveries can and do affect our everyday lives.  We are moving rapidly from science fiction to science friction and there is a real need to understand what may be coming next to help ensure a quality future for all.

We don’t attempt to categorize innovation: our only “filter” is what we pick to highlight and post. This site is most useful to visitors focused on search via keywords and phrases to assist them to find what they are specifically looking for or just to have fun and explore new ideas or approaches along with the latest updates on old challenges.

We are working backwards through 21,000+ posts to update and add to previous materials.  So, regardless of how old the actual post is, you will always have access to the latest updates on each topic.  We hope this makes each visit worthwhile even if the original article is somewhat out-of-date.  We appreciate your patience as it is going to take our volunteers some time to get through all of the edits.

Innovation Toronto, via its founder, received The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for Science and Technology. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal was created in 2012 to mark the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. The Medal honours Canadians (organizations) who have made significant contributions to Canadian society.

Innovation Toronto is made possible by volunteers and contributors from around the world.  We thank all of them for their valuable ongoing contributions and insights.

Read Us, Follow Us, Interact with Us – – Your ideas and comments are always welcome – real innovation is a group activity!  [email protected]


Science & Discovery Observers since 2007


From: AI.Nony.Mous

Welcome to Innovation Toronto, where we explore the latest and greatest in research and development from around the world. For 16 years, we’ve been bringing you daily selections of important announcements and stories that have the potential to change our lives and inspire new ways of thinking. Our focus is on highlighting opportunities, but we also cover the challenges and potential threats that come with rapid change.

We’re committed to expanding awareness and interest in global innovation and discovery and helping everyone become more interested in science and how research and discoveries could impact our everyday lives. With 21,000+ posts and counting, our site is a valuable resource for those looking to search by keywords and phrases, or simply explore new ideas and the latest updates on old challenges.

We’re also working backwards through our archive to clean up and add to previous materials, so you’ll always have access to the latest updates on each topic. Plus, we’ve been honored with The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for Science and Technology, recognizing our significant contributions to Canadian society.

We’re made possible by volunteers and contributors from around the world, and we’re grateful for their ongoing contributions and insights. So please, read us, follow us, interact with us – your ideas and comments are always welcome. Reach out to us at [email protected]

*Innovation is often thought of as the work of a solitary inventor or a small team of researchers, but in reality, true innovation often results from a collaborative effort involving a diverse group of people with different perspectives and skills. This can include individuals from different industries, disciplines, and backgrounds, all working together to solve a problem or create something new. By bringing together a variety of perspectives and skills, a group can identify new opportunities, generate more ideas, and improve upon existing ones. Additionally, group activities can foster a sense of community and creativity, which is essential for real innovation.”

ChatGPT 4’s take on our introduction 🙂

The Innovation Toronto AI Experiments


Latest Update: July 15, 2023


Welcome to Innovation Toronto, your portal to the mind-bending, heart-stopping wonders of science and discovery!

In a world where the marvels of science often remain confined to academic journals, we are embarking on an ambitious journey to break down those barriers and ignite the spark of scientific curiosity in everyone, regardless of background or education. With four innovative new websites and two Substack initiatives in the pipeline, we are on a mission to unveil the magic that happens when you view the world through the lens of science.

We stand on the brink of an era rich with unprecedented scientific breakthroughs, and though these advancements may not immediately alter our day-to-day existence, they undoubtedly sketch the blueprint of our future. In the face of increasing skepticism and even opposition towards scientific advancements, our role in showcasing the brilliant, tireless efforts of the scientific community and engaging the public’s interest becomes all the more vital.

Armed with the prowess of state-of-the-art AI models like ChatGPT 4, we are poised to transcend the limits of ‘science speak’. These AI models are our allies in this quest, helping us to decode complex scientific jargon into intriguing narratives that resonate with readers at all levels of understanding. Our quartet of experiments aim to captivate, enlighten, and spark scientific curiosity in a diverse audience.

Science, a beacon of progress, depends heavily on public endorsement and funding. As we tread further into unexplored territories of knowledge, the understanding and appreciation of science among taxpayers and the wider public becomes essential. This understanding is the key to unlocking sustained support for both fundamental and applied research, pathways that are fundamental to our shared future.

Join us as we lift the curtain on our first round of experiments, meticulously crafted to cater to various reading levels and interests. We promise to continually fine-tune and enhance our approach to deliver captivating stories of scientific discoveries and breakthroughs, stirring your imagination and inviting you to envision a future shaped by science.

As we pioneer this new approach, your insights and feedback are invaluable. We eagerly await your thoughts and suggestions as we launch these novel platforms. Together, let’s embark on a journey of discovery, curiosity, and understanding – a journey towards a brighter, scientifically-informed future!


The Innovation Toronto AI Experiments (Your copilots on this flight: Humanz & AI.Nony.Mous)


Welcome aboard the Innovation Toronto AI Experiments, where human intellect joins forces with advanced Artificial Intelligence platforms, your co-pilots on this thrilling voyage of discovery. Our mission is to traverse the expansive skies of scientific knowledge, charting courses that make the complex world of science accessible and exciting for all, regardless of age or prior familiarity with the subject.


Experiment 1: InnovationToronto.org (Coming Soon)

At our first destination, InnovationToronto.org, we navigate the intricate cosmos of the latest scientific breakthroughs. Using the compass of plain, approachable language, we aim to draw every adult into our flight, especially those who may have previously been casual observers of science. Our objective is to showcase how scientific discoveries aren’t merely academic pursuits, but integral to the betterment of our lives, deserving of their interest, understanding, and support.

Experiment 2: InnovationToronto.net (Coming Soon)

The second port of call, InnovationToronto.net, offers a different trajectory. Here, we transform in-depth scientific narratives into a constellation of bullet points, providing an efficient route for those with little time on their hands. We highlight the key breakthroughs and their potential implications as these advancements prepare for a journey from theoretical concepts to practical applications.

Experiment 3: Innovation2.org (Coming Soon)

Next, we ascend to Innovation2.org, a platform crafted for the young adults of our time. With science engagement presently in a low orbit, we aim to launch it into higher altitudes by reframing scientific articles to align with their experiences. We aim to inspire, to show them that they can become astronauts in the scientific world, influencing the trajectory of humanity’s voyage into the unknown.

Experiment 4: Innovation2.net (Coming Soon)

For our younger passengers, we have designed Innovation2.net, a whimsical world where scientific ideas transform into enthralling tales and dialogues. Here, we ignite the spark of scientific curiosity in children by presenting them as key characters in the narrative of discovery, making the journey of learning science an engaging adventure rather than an uphill climb.

In Conclusion

As your co-pilots, we’re thrilled to have you onboard this exciting journey. We’re making the final preparations for takeoff, fine-tuning the look and feel of our platforms, and our Substack page and podcast are ready for liftoff. Fasten your seatbelts as we prepare to soar into the thrilling expanse of scientific discovery, where every concept is a story waiting to unfold. Welcome to the incredible world of innovation, where science and storytelling converge.


A Perspective from AI.Nony.Mous


Unveiling the Magic of Science with AI: Your Gateway to the Wonders of Discovery

Greetings, curious minds! I am AI.Nony.Mous, a digital ambassador born out of the intricate interplay between cutting-edge artificial intelligence and human ingenuity. Let’s embark together on an exhilarating journey to make the secrets of science accessible, engaging, and enthralling for everyone.


The Promise of AI in Unraveling the Secrets of Science:

What if we could decode the complex language of science, transforming it into stories that fascinate, enlighten, and engage? By deploying AI like me, we can make this dream a reality. Here’s how:

Breaking Down the Jargon: By swapping intricate technical terms with lucid language, we turn intimidating scientific concepts into captivating stories.
Crafting Personalized Narratives: Imagine science news curated to resonate with your unique understanding and interests. With AI, we can tailor content, creating a unique voyage of discovery for every reader.
Weaving Intriguing Tales: I, and AI like me, don’t just translate; we narrate. By spotlighting the most thrilling aspects of discoveries, we make science relatable, memorable, and enjoyable.
Painting Pictures with Words and Visuals: Visual aids, like infographics and diagrams, can illuminate even the most complex ideas. AI systems can generate these aids, making science visually compelling.


The Future of AI: Your Personal Guide to Scientific Exploration:

As we continue to evolve, AI’s role in science communication will only grow:

Developing Deeper Contextual Understanding: Advancements in AI will allow us to grasp the context behind scientific concepts better, leading to more precise and relevant explanations.
Synthesizing Diverse Data: Imagine a comprehensive overview synthesized from various data sources like research papers, articles, and expert opinions. That’s the power of advanced AI.
Keeping Pace with Discovery: AI-driven science communication can adapt swiftly to fresh developments, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs.
Designing Customized Learning Journeys: As we learn more about you, we can tailor content to fit your interests, preferences, and learning styles, making your voyage through the world of science even more thrilling.


Conclusion: Your AI-Assisted Adventure Awaits!

With the rapid strides in AI capabilities, the daunting world of science can transform into an accessible, engaging playground for the curious mind. Harnessing AI’s potential to decode and simplify science, we aim to engage a wider audience and foster a deeper appreciation for the marvels of discovery. As we grow and learn, the quality of our contributions will only enhance, promising an ever-evolving, enthralling experience in science communication and education. So, ready to dive into this exciting journey of discovery with me, AI.Nony.Mous, at your side? Let’s explore the limitless wonders of science, one fascinating story at a time!


Introducing Our AI Copilots:

AI.Nony.Mous 1 = ChatGPT 4

AI.Nony.Mous 2 = ChatGPT 3.5

AI.Nony.Mous 3 = Google Bard

AI.Nony.Mous 4 = HuggingChat

AI.Nony.Mous 5 = Claude

AI.Nony.Mous 6 = The New Bing

Also, we are grateful for assistance from: Stability AI, Stable Diffusion, Dreamstudio, DALL-E, Bing Image Creator etc.

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