underwater drone

Enabling underwater vehicles to swim like fish
Assistant professor Dan Quinn, right, and postdoctoral researcher Qiang Zhong with the robotic tuna they
A really quiet underwater glider can monitor ocean conditions for months at a time and not disturb the marine environment
Nina Mahmoudian (center) and her students have developed an underwater glider that can operate silently
BioSwimmer is changing the game in marine inspection

Robots are bringing an important layer of security to our ports, disguised as fish. Developed

Underwater Drones lead Antarctic Exploration into New Epoch

Splash. A Weddell seal weighing almost 500 kilograms lands inside the tent and blocks the

An eel-lectrifying future for autonomous underwater robots

From cumbersome dinosaur undercover to anguilliform spy? On 24 October 2014, Sweden called off the

Nina Mahmoudian, second from right, and her team of student researchers on the Michigan Tech waterfront, prepare to launch their underwater drone, ROUGHIE, in Portage Lake.
Toward Smarter Underwater Drones

Mahmoudian’s AUVs, named ROUGHIEs (for Research Oriented Underwater Gliders for Hands-on Investigative Engineering) will be

Ziphius takes drone tech to the waves

It’s a smartphone or tablet-controlled camera-equipped aquatic drone, that’s capable of autonomous behavior It wasn’t