touch sensing

The tactile internet gains a predictive touch response mechanism
Caption: Experimental setup demonstrating human-to-maching applications. Credit: S. Mondal, et al., The University of Melbourne
A thin and flexible transparent nanoforce touch sensor for wearable electronics

Researchers reported a high-performance and transparent nanoforce touch sensor by developing a thin, flexible, and

Bringing a sense of touch and pain to prosthetic hands

‘Electronic skin’ allows user to experience a sense of touch and pain; ‘After many years,

Low-cost touch sensing can be added to objects of almost any shape

Touch sensing is most common on small, flat surfaces such as smartphone or tablet screens.

Sense of Touch Reproduced Through Prosthetic Hand

“I think it’s very possible that in fact, you will consider this new thing as

With Wave of the Hand, Carnegie Mellon Researchers Create Touch-based Interfaces on Everyday Surfaces

Depth Cameras and Projectors Combine To Make Smart Environments Researchers previously have shown that a