swarm technology

The first decentralized algorithm with a collision-free, deadlock-free guarantee for traffic
via Northwestern University The first decentralized algorithm with a collision-free, deadlock-free guarantee for traffic For
A swarm of tiny drones that can explore unknown environments completely by themselves

Swarm of tiny drones explores unknown environments This work, presented in Science Robotics on 23

Robots built entirely from smaller robots known as smarticles

A U.S. Army project took a new approach to developing robots — researchers built robots

Could robots soon help rescue crews save the survivors of a natural disaster?

The ability to correctly order tasks is a skill that robots must possess in order

Swarm sensing robots for ocean exploration and protection

Scripps researchers collaborate on new technology study using “robotic plankton” Underwater robots developed by researchers

Computer scientists achieve breakthrough in pheromone-based swarm communications in robots

An innovative, effective and low-cost system which replicates in robots the pheromone-based communication of insect

Artificially evolved robots that efficiently self-organize tasks

Eliseo Ferrante and colleagues evolved complex robot behaviors using artificial evolution and detailed robotics simulations.

COCORO: robot swarms use collective cognition to perform tasks

Scientists have created underwater robot swarms that function like schools of fish, exchanging information to

Controlling swarms of robots with a finger

Using a smart tablet and a red beam of light, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers

Swarming Robots Shuffle Through Field Tests

The approach could be put to use in the future in service of astronauts making

Where humans, animals and robots meet

To meet our everyday needs in an increasingly multifaceted technological world is a challenge that

Swarming robots could be the servants of the future

Swarms of robots acting together to carry out jobs could provide new opportunities for humans