Artist Ella Marushenko’s interpretation of the Josephson Diode effect. The image shows a computer chip made from a few layers of atoms (blue and white spheres) comprising the Josephson Diode. The green pairs of spheres represent superconducting pairs of electrons moving in one direction, while the orange spheres represent normal conducting single electrons moving in the opposite direction across the Josephson Diode.
Impossible no more: A one-way superconductor
Artist Ella Marushenko’s interpretation of the Josephson Diode effect. The image shows a computer chip
A critical next step toward room-temperature superconductivity at ambient pressure
A superconductor possesses the unique ability to exhibit zero resistance when electricity moves through a
On course for room temperature superconductivity: A paradigm-shifting discovery
Creator: J. Adam Fenster Credit: University of Rochester On course for room temperature superconductivity: A
Room temperature superconductivity moves a step closer
Layers of molybdenum carbide and molybdenum sulfide allow superconductivity at 50 percent higher temperatures. IMAGE:
Getting much closer to room temperature superconductivity

A hydrogen-rich material becomes superconductive under high pressure and at minus 23 degrees Celsius Fewer

Room-temperature superconductivity takes a couple of more steps

New findings are changing the way we think about superconductivity. Experiments at TU Wien (Vienna)

New kind of supercapacitor made without carbon

Energy storage device could deliver more power than current versions of this technology. Energy storage

Scientists develop a 100 times faster type of memory cell

Russian scientists develop a control system for rapid superconducting memory cells A group of scientists

Superconductivity getting closer to room temperatures

Superconductivity could have implications for creating technologies like ultra-efficient power grids and magnetically levitating vehicles

Cornell researchers create first self-assembled superconductor

Building on nearly two decades’ worth of research, a multidisciplinary team at Cornell has blazed

Warmer superconductors could make virtually everything that runs on electricity much more efficient

Results are first to suggest how to engineer even warmer superconductors with atom-by-atom control A

Superconducting circuits, simplified

New circuit design could unlock the power of experimental superconducting computer chips. Computer chips with

A bulk superconductor levitated by a permanent magnet Credit: University of Cambridge - See more at:
Cambridge team breaks superconductor world record

The research demonstrates the potential of high-temperature superconductors for applications in a range of fields,

3D graphene structures for use in super-capacitors, through a method inspired by blown sugar, created.

This illuminates an amazing future for quick start-up of electric vehicles and launching of aircrafts.

New superconductor theory may revolutionize electrical engineering

The holy grail is to design a material where the pairs are bound together so