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Researchers have successfully and reproducibly created clinical-grade transplantable brain cells in the lab
Microscope images show brain tissue that has been damaged by white matter stroke, on left,
This is how stem cells repair damage from heart attacks
via Mayo Clinic This is how stem cells repair damage from heart attacks Mayo Clinic
New stem cell work raises hopes for regenerative therapies that could heal currently intractable lung diseases

Stanford scientists have found a cell that creates the two different compartments in the mouse

Personalised stem cell treatment may offer relief for progressive MS

Scientists have shown in mice that skin cells re-programmed into brain stem cells, transplanted into

Stroke treatment repairs brain tissue using stem cells

Human clinical trials could begin as early as next year A team of researchers at

Cells that enable the sense of touch created from stem cells for the first time

Researchers are the first to create sensory interneurons from stem cells Researchers at the Eli and

An aggressive stem cell transplant regimen provides hope for a debilitating and lethal autoimmune disorder

Adding irradiation before transplant improves long-term results and should change practice Scleroderma with internal organ

Electric fields can be used to guide neural stem cells transplanted into a rat brain to repair brain damage

Electric fields can be used to guide neural stem cells transplanted into the brain toward a

New technology could treat a wide range of conditions requiring tissue regeneration

DNA strands in materials act like traffic signals to start, stop cell activity or regenerate

Edited stem cells fight inflammation caused by arthritis and other chronic conditions

Goal is vaccine that targets inflammation in joints Using new gene-editing technology, researchers have rewired

Stem cells restore long-term vision in mice using regenerative vision therapy

via Glaucoma Research Foundation Buck scientists restore long-term vision in blind mice, making a case for

First human trial for a “living bandage” made from stem cells for meniscal tears

A ‘living bandage’ made from stem cells, which could revolutionise the treatment and prognosis of

Regenerating Memory with Neural Stem Cells

Researchers look for better ways to reduce memory loss in people with age-related disorders Although

MS breakthrough: Replacing diseased immune system halts progression and allows repair

Clinical trial suggests chemo and blood stem cell combination therapy should be considered for people