spider silk

New biomaterials from spider silk prevent infection and facilitate healing
Scanning electron microscope images give overwhelming proof of the difference. Left: A biofilm forms on
Robotic muscle from spider silk

Unusual property of the ultrastrong material could be harnessed for twisting or pulling motions. Spider

Spider silk could be the basis for a new kind of vaccine delivery vehicle

By successfully encapsulating a vaccine into a spider silk microparticle, Swiss and German researchers have

Spider threads can repair damaged nerves and tissue

The golden orb-weaver spider from Tanzania spins such strong webs that Tanzanian fishermen use them

Kilometer long threads of artificial spider silk

Being able to produce artificial spider silk has long been a dream of many scientists,

New antibiotic spider silk for drug delivery, wound healing and regenerative medicine

A chance meeting between a spider expert and a chemist has led to the development

Bavarian medical ‘breakthrough’ with 3D printed spider silk

Liquified spider silk extruded in a gel via a three-dimensional printer could soon be regenerating

From spiders, a material to rival Kevlar

Synthesizing spider thread—which is stronger than nylon and even some metals—has been a vexing problem.