solar energy efficiency

A utility company could use this technology to get 1.5 times more energy out of the same amount of land on its solar farms
Larry Minjoo Lee - professor of electrical and computer engineering A utility company could use
A way to harness the entire spectrum of sunlight for 50 percent more solar power
Researchers have shown, for the first time, that it is possible to collect energy from
Revolutionizing how light is harnessed for solar energy use

Researchers develop new design rule for generating excitons will help advance next-generation devices Researchers at

Making a Solar Energy Conversion Breakthrough Above the Theoretical Maximum

Designers of solar cells may soon be setting their sights higher, as a discovery by

Perovskite solar cell material can recycle light to seriously boost efficiency

Perovskite materials can recycle light particles — a finding which could lead to a new

Researchers Pushing Limits of Efficient Solar Cells

They’re one step closer. In a new paper in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters,

Inspired by art, lightweight solar cells track the sun

Solar cells capture up to 40 percent more energy when they can track the sun

Made from Solar Concentrate

Solar Cell from Berkeley Lab/University of Illinois Absorbs High-Energy Light at 30-fold Higher Concentration than

Butterflies heat up the field of solar research with up to 50 percent increase

The humble butterfly could hold the key to unlocking new techniques to make solar energy

Reshaping the solar spectrum to turn light to electricity

UC Riverside researchers find a way to use the infrared region of the sun’s spectrum

Solar cells that work on cloudy days just hit a record-breaking 22.1% efficiency

Black silicon solar cells are now real contenders There’s been plenty of good news about

UNSW researchers set world record in solar energy efficiency

UNSW‘s solar researchers have converted over 40% of the sunlight hitting a solar system into