sharing economy

An algorithm for taxi sharing

Researchers in Uruguay have developed an evolutionary algorithm to allow a smart city to facilitate

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Companies Built on Sharing Balk When It Comes to Regulators

Regulators as well as some elected officials across the country are increasingly questioning the presumptions

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How NYC Could Revolutionize Urban Transport by Turning its Taxi System into a Sharing Economy

Stats show that 80% of all cab journeys in 2011 could have been shared. Thanks

Peer-to-Peer Economy Thrives as Activists Vacate the System

The Occupy Movement recently celebrated its second anniversary with very little fanfare leaving many to

All eyes on the sharing economy

Collaborative consumption: Technology makes it easier for people to rent items to each other. But

Imagine No Possessions: In the Future, We’ll Share Everything

There are 23 megacities (or city states) in the world now. By 2025, it’s predicted