Self-healing Plastics

Unique 3D printed plastic can repair itself using only light
Researchers at UNSW have shown how 3D printed items treated with a trithiocarbonate, such as
The first carbon-fixing self-healing polymer that can grow using carbon in the air

Taking a page from green plants, new polymer “grows” through a chemical reaction with carbon

Polymer repairs itself at body temperature for wound dressings and regenerative medicine

A new material developed by scientists in the UK that heals itself at body temperature

Damaged Material, Heal Thyself: Self-Healing Material Advance

Internal storage compartments release droplets of “healing” liquid to repair damaged materials. The Science Inspired

Photo by Ryan Gergely Illinois researchers have developed materials that not only heal, but regenerate. The restorative material is delivered through two, isolated fluid streams (dyed red and blue). The liquid immediately gels and later hardens, resulting in recovery of the entire damaged region. This image is halfway through the restoration process.
Regenerating plastic grows back after damage

Looking at a smooth sheet of plastic in one University of Illinois laboratory, no one

New Self-healing Plastics Developed

Researchers of KIT and Evonik Industries Have Developed a Novel Polymer Network that Selfheals Rapidly

Polymer gel, heal thyself: University of Pittsburgh engineering team proposes new composites that can regenerate when damaged

What if these materials could be programmed to regenerate-themselves, replenishing the damaged or missing components,

Polymer regenerates all by itself

Scientists report the first self-healing thermoset elastomer that requires no intervention to induce its repair. Self-healing

Heal thyself: Rubbery polymer self-repairs under light exposure

What if mending a ripped garment, or repairing a leaky storage container, was as easy