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Rust and dirt on a baking plate. Français : Rouille et saleté sur une plaque de four. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Battelle Develops Self-Healing Smart Beads that Detect and Repair Corrosion

Battelle scientists have developed a tiny bead, the Battelle Smart Corrosion Detector™ bead, that not only

3D microvascular networks for self-healing composites: Researchers were able to achieve more effective self-healing with the herringbone vascular network (top) over a parallel design (bottom), evidenced by the increased mixing (orange-yellow) of individual healing agents (red and green) across a fracture surface. Credit: Jason Patrick
Repeated Self-Healing Now Possible in Composite Materials

A small, internal crack can quickly develop into irreversible damage from delamination – this remains

New Self-healing Plastics Developed

Researchers of KIT and Evonik Industries Have Developed a Novel Polymer Network that Selfheals Rapidly

English: The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle runs a dirt track test at the Churchville Test Area near Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., June 3rd. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Self-Healing Paint Could Halt Rust on Vehicles

A new additive could help military vehicles, including the Marine Corps variant of the Joint

Photo by Anne Lukeman A close-up of an elastic polymer that was cut in two and healed overnight.
Off-the-shelf materials lead to self-healing polymers

Look out, super glue and paint thinner. Thanks to new dynamic materials developed at the

Polymer gel, heal thyself: University of Pittsburgh engineering team proposes new composites that can regenerate when damaged

What if these materials could be programmed to regenerate-themselves, replenishing the damaged or missing components,

VIDEO: Cracked metal, heal thyself

Unexpected result shows that in some cases, pulling apart makes cracks in metal fuse together.

Polymer regenerates all by itself

Scientists report the first self-healing thermoset elastomer that requires no intervention to induce its repair. Self-healing

Heal thyself: Rubbery polymer self-repairs under light exposure

What if mending a ripped garment, or repairing a leaky storage container, was as easy