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AI recognizes potentially critical traffic situations seven seconds in advance for self-driving cars
The technology uses sensors and cameras to capture surrounding conditions and records status data for
Much cheaper lidar could make autonomous cars affordable
A new chip-based navigation technology could make autonomous cars economically viable. | ScienceSource/Andrzej Wojcicki Much
Smart intersections could increase car capacity on streets, reduce congestion and minimize accidents

In the not-so-distant future, city streets could be flooded with autonomous vehicles. Self-driving cars can

Will self-driving cars represent a new mode for surveillance?

Picture the future, where driving is a thing of the past. You can hop in

Exploring the ethics of autonomous vehicles globally and regionally

Massive global survey reveals ethics preferences and regional differences. A massive new survey developed by

New driverless car technologies could bring about the development of driverless cars that use 19 to 22 percent less fuel

Pair of studies outline innovations that will improve coordination of traffic patterns and save fuel

Self-driving cars could see much better with a new bioinspired camera

New camera mimics mantis shrimp vision to significantly improve dynamic range and add polarization information

Waiting for perfection in autonomous vehicles may cost lives

Some people think autonomous vehicles must be nearly flawless before humans take their hands off

Self-driving cars and related technology may be even closer to revolutionizing traffic control than previously thought

The presence of just a few autonomous vehicles can eliminate the stop-and-go driving of the

Uber to deploy self-driving cars in Pittsburgh before the end of the month

The ride-sharing firm Uber will, for the first time, allow users to hail self-driving cars

Research advances transferring control between a human and an autonomous system including self-driving cars

University of Massachusetts Amherst computer science graduate students Kyle Wray and Luis Pineda, with their

China’s Companies Poised to Take Leap in Developing a Driverless Car

Gansha Wu was a veteran engineering manager at Intel Corporation and director of Intel Labs

Cellphones with cheap, built-in infrared lasers could be snapped into personal vehicles, such as golf carts or wheelchairs, to help render them autonomous

Depth sensor built from off-the-shelf parts filters out ambient infrared light The Microsoft Kinect was

Intelligent tires take control in harmony with autonomous driving

As autonomous cars move closer to the showroom, it’s clear that they’ll be more than

Legal breakthrough for Google’s self-driving car – same legal definition as a human driver

Google’s self-driving car system could soon be given the same legal definition as a human