robot human interaction

Would a robot that could smile back build trust between machines and humans?
Data Collection Process: Eva is practicing random facial expressions by recording what it looks like
Robomorphic computing minimizes robot’s response time in complex and human interactions
MIT researchers have developed an automated way to design customized hardware, or "brains," that speeds
The beginning of robot to robot and perhaps robot to human empathy?
An actor robot runs on a playpen trying to catch the visible green food, while
New tool may help humans and robots work together in close proximity

A new tool for predicting a person’s movement trajectory may help humans and robots work

Bringing humans and robots closer together using game theory

Researchers at the University of Sussex, Imperial College London and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

Robots helping kids get more excited about reading starts a new chapter in human-robot interaction

Kids learn better with a friend. They’re more enthusiastic and understand more if they dig

Instantly correcting robot mistakes with nothing more than brain signals and the flick of a finger

System enables people to correct robot mistakes on multi-choice problems Getting robots to do things

Introducing ‘Operator 4.0,’ a tech-augmented human worker

Technology can help workers in many ways. Romero, Stahre, Wuest, et al., CC BY-ND Thorsten

Robot caregivers safer with new position actuator technology

Robots carry out their tasks more safely if they are controlled by another technology. This

Robots Might Be Able to Help Germany Integrate Refugee Kids

Can a robot help Germany integrate its influx of migrants? A new research project thinks

No humans would be harmed in the operation of these robots

A soft actuator using electrically controllable membranes could pave the way for machines that are

How to make working with robots appealing for manufacturing employees, including those with severe disabilities

Robots are already becoming widely established in German factories. But how can companies be sure

Survey Shows Kids Are Scared Of A Future Where Robots Could Take All Their Jobs

A new survey finds young people increasingly depressed about their prospects for the future With

Robot programming innovation automates short production runs and single item products

The quick-control system developed by VTT slashes substantially the programming time for industrial robots, enabling

Robot human interaction: Who’s the master?

Continuous adaptation makes for more natural interactions between robots and humans in shared tasks A