A new type of rocket thruster has been proposed that uses magnetic fields for propulsion
(Photo by Elle Starkman, PPPL Office of Communications, and ITER) PPPL physicist Fatima Ebrahimi in
NASA Begins Testing of Revolutionary E-Sail Technology

Testing has started at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, on a concept

USF Biologist Discovers Secret to Highly Efficient Swimming in Certain Animals, Such as Jellyfish

The findings may lead to rethinking ideas about some of the evolutionary adaptations acquired by

Penguin-inspired propulsion system

Based on a penguin’s shoulder-and-wing system Back in 1991, Nature published a picture from the IMAX movie

How To Fly To Mars And Beyond In Weeks Instead Of Months

Humans may step on the interstellar gas pedal some day and “Boom!” goes the engine.