Ocean Plastic

Using marine seagrass to catch and remove plastics from the sea
In the grasslands, the plastics are incorporated to agglomerates of natural fiber with a ball
SeaClear Project: Clearing the seabed of plastics
via TUM Various robot vehicles are networked with one another in the SeaClear system. An
What are the real disease risks from ocean plastics?
via UMass Blogs What are the real disease risks from ocean plastics? Key knowledge gaps
New research could lead to discovery of the missing 99 percent of plastics in the oceans

The smallest microplastics in our oceans – which go largely undetected and are potentially harmful

Understanding the world’s oceans more essential than ever to secure the future of our planet

A greater understanding and appreciation of our oceans is essential for the wellbeing of the

Two years ago, when Boyan Slat first proposed his giant ocean clean-up device, it didn't seem likely he would actually pull it off. - via FastCoExist
Could This Gigantic Ocean Plastic Clean-Up Machine Actually Pick Up Our Ocean Trash?

An outlandish idea, floated by a 17-year-old two years ago, now has funding, a 530-page

This shows litter items on the seafloor of European waters. Clockwise from top left i) Plastic bag recorded by an OFOS at the HAUSGARTEN observatory (Arctic) at 2500 m; ii = Litter recovered within the net of a trawl in Blanes open slope at 1500 m during the PROMETO 5 cruise on board the R/V "García del Cid"; iii) Cargo net entangled in a cold-water coral colony at 950 m in Darwin Mound with the ROV "Lynx" (National Oceanography Centre, UK). iv) "Heineken" beer can in the upper Whittard canyon at 950 m water depth with the ROV Genesis. Credit: Image credit: Pham CK et al. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0095839
European seafloor survey reveals depth of marine litter problem

A major new survey of the seafloor has found that even in the deepest ocean

Teenager’s Clean Machine Could Remove 7 Million Tons of Plastic from the Ocean

Boyan Slat is an engineering student who is designing a concept for floating booms that