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Spent nuclear fuel from power plants still has 95% of its potential to produce electricity
Spent nuclear fuel pool used for safe and secure interim storage. (Photo: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory
Using nuclear waste to make ultra long-lasting diamond batteries
via University of Bristol Using nuclear waste to make ultra long-lasting diamond batteries Work has
Could unused stockpiles of nuclear waste actually be useful?
via Article Highlights Chemists have found a new use for the waste product of
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Method concentrates radionuclides in a small portion of a nuclear plant’s wastewater, allowing the rest

Nuclear decommissioning robots

Lancaster University engineers are developing computer systems for robots dealing with hazardous nuclear waste. The

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A ‘Molecular Trap’ for Capturing Radioactive Iodides in Nuclear Waste Seeking a better way to

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During the existence of nuclear power industry a large number of channel uranium-graphite nuclear power

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Recycling nuclear waste

An advanced nuclear reactor under development by Hitachi could help solve the nuclear waste problem,