monitoring system

The Global Plastic Watch tool, accessible at CREDIT The Minderoo Foundation
Detecting waste sites on Earth using satellites in space
The Global Plastic Watch tool, accessible at CREDIT: The Minderoo Foundation Detecting waste sites
Using AI and drones as the basis for a new monitoring system for agricultural applications
The input image (left) and the output image (right), processed by the fully convolutional neural
3D printed ultra-light tattoo electrodes offer easy long-term measurements of brain activity
To measure brain activity, the wafer-thin tattoo electrodes need to be applied on the head
Monitoring vital signs such as temperature, respiration, and heart rate with a smart shirt
“We can have any commercially available electronic parts embedded within the textiles that we wear
A new tool for detecting wildlife: Environmental DNA in rivers
Samuel Browett, a grad. student at Univ. of Salford, U.K., collects water near a camera
Monitoring brains replaying memories in real time
Memory NIH researchers found that our brains may store memories in neuronal firing patterns that
A new health tracking sensor for pets and people that monitors vital signs through fur or clothing
The making of the sensor, using silicone, water, microphone, and a mold. A new health
Electronic tags on sharks, penguins, turtles and other species could help monitor the oceans

Sharks, penguins, turtles and other seagoing species could help humans monitor the oceans by transmitting

Transforming how we monitor the structural health of civil infrastructure with artificial intelligence

The University of Surrey and King’s College London have developed a new machine learning algorithm

Autonomous drones can now monitor vital signs remotely

New technique monitors vital signs Autonomous drone cameras have been trialed for several years to

Monitoring heart failure with a medical monitoring bathroom scale

“Good morning. Bill. Please. Step onto the scale. Touch the metal pads.” The device records

New monitor watches the behavior of all electric devices within a building, ship, or factory

Sensor can monitor wiring in a building or ship, and signal when repairs are needed.

Sharks tweet their presence at Western Australia beaches

Scientists have tagged about 320 sharks including great whites with acoustic transmitters whose signals are

Pipelines carry out their own health checks

Long pipelines crammed with electronics are being tested in the waters of Orkanger harbour. They

Ocean-Sampling Robot Gliders Tracking Animals, Providing Storm Data

Researchers from U.S. and Canadian institutions are teaming up for a coordinated launch of up