Making the whole body or a specific organ young again so that disease goes away
via Harvard Medical School Making the whole body or a specific organ young again so
Cracking the code to regenerate plant tissues

Can epigenetics help us grow food more efficiently and combat global hunger? Plant regeneration can

A new molecular diagnostic tool to help diagnosis unknown hereditary disorders

Computational analysis of epigenetic patterns facilitates diagnosis of unknown hereditary disorders A new sophisticated computational

It may be possible to restore memory function in people with Alzheimer’s disease a preclinical study finds

Research published today (Jan. 22) in the journal Brain reveals a new approach to Alzheimer’s

A new epigenetics-based test for cervical cancer with a 100 percent detection rate

A new test for cervical cancer was found to detect all of the cancers in

A blood test to detect and classify cancer at its earliest stages

Cancer scientists led by principal investigator Dr. Daniel De Carvalho at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

New technology for cell-replacement therapeutics for epigenetic disorders

New Salk technology adds methyl groups at specific positions on DNA, allowing targeted gene correction

Epigenetics help to stop pain from serious burns

One of the outstanding issues of modern medicine is to combat pain effectively. Jose Vicente