coral bleaching

Corals that withstood a severe bleaching event and were transplanted to a different reef maintained their resilient qualities
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A bleached reef-building coral of the genus Porites. These coral species are important builders of
Breakthrough in coral research: The first stable coral cell lines have been cultured boosting global efforts to help corals
A colony of Acropora tenuis grown in a natural sea environment and transferred to an
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The reef at North Rock, Bermuda, similar to the reef (Sea Venture Shoals) where coral
Directed evolution produces heat resistant coral to fight bleaching
The coral releases bundles of eggs and sperm for spawning into the water column. After
Initiating a world-first cloud brightening technique to protect corals
Cloud brightening equipment. Credit: Brendan Kelaher/Southern Cross University Initiating a world-first cloud brightening technique to
Bionic 3D-printed corals could help energy production and coral reefs
Scanning electron microscope image of the microalgal colonies in the hybrid living biopolymers Credit: Daniel
Restoring damaged parts of the Great Barrier Reef by using floating coral nurseries

Coral researchers are working night and day on the Great Barrier Reef to complete a

The fight to preserve coral reefs requires local, not just global, action

Study is world’s longest record of reactive nutrients, algae concentrations for coral reefs Coral reefs

World First: Undersea robot dispersed microscopic baby corals to repopulate parts of the Great Barrier Reef

In a world first, an undersea robot has dispersed microscopic baby corals (coral larvae) to

Some reef-building corals primed to resist coral bleaching

A world-first study has revealed that “robust” reef-building corals are the only known organisms in

Could coral bleaching in high-risk areas be prevented by a floating sun shield?

A ‘sun shield’ made from an ultra-thin surface film is showing promise as a potential

Refuge could preserve climate-sensitive corals

WCS scientists have discovered a refuge for corals where the environment protects otherwise sensitive species


Mote Marine Laboratory and The Nature Conservancy are partnering on a coral conservation initiative that

Climate-Related Death of Coral Around World Alarms Scientists

Kim Cobb, a marine scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology, expected the coral to