cardiac tissue engineering.

Is this the way to build a cure for heart attacks?
via Boston University Is this the way to build a cure for heart attacks? A
Regenerative cardiac therapies take a critical step

Scientists have devised a technique to sort out which heart cells can replicate and which

Direct cardiac reprogramming to benefit from heart cells that are better, faster, stronger

Two chemicals improved the speed, quantity, and quality of direct cardiac reprogramming, bringing the technology

Building a bionic cardiac patch

‘Bionic’ cardiac patch could one day monitor and respond to cardiac problems Scientists and doctors

A Heartbeat Away? Hybrid “Patch” Could Replace Transplants

TAU researcher harnesses gold nanoparticles to engineer novel biocompatible cardiac patch Because heart cells cannot

Gold nanofibers in engineered heart tissue lead to new hope for heart attack victims

A functioning, transplantable tissue could not only save lives, but improve a patient’s quality of